We make sparkling waters with organic botanicals and present art in new ways.

Sparkling Water + Organic Botanicals

Plant-based ingredients. Perfectly paired.

Free shipping to your home or workspace.

We honed our (non-alcoholic) drink-making skills as the 1st beverage vendor at Chicago's Green City Market.

"The best sustainable market in the country."  - Alice Waters

Farmers market pedigree

Today we take great care sourcing and pairing our favorite plant-based ingredients - organic and recognizable - to create refreshing, aromatic, and balanced drinks. Just like we did in our farmers market days.

Organic ingredients made from plants

Seasons collaborates with artists to combine the arts with our drinks and inspire daily life. We engage with artists and arts organizations to support creative endeavors of all kinds and dedicate 1% of our sales to such causes.

A new canvas for the arts

We go direct = you get to pick 4-packs of top notch sparkling water with art to match. No hauling 20 lb cases from the store.  None of the markup either.

Your Seasons, your way. Delivered for free.


What does Seasons Sparkling taste like?

We pair organic ingredients extracted from actual plants into interesting, symbiotic combinations to create sparkling waters that are flavorful yet subtle, fragrant, and always refreshing.

Pretty much the perfect trio. MGT, as we affectionately call it, took us months to perfect so each ingredient is distinct without overwhelming the others. Just the right amount of no-crash caffeine to boot.

INGREDIENTS:  Sparkling Water, Organic Ginger Extract (with other natural flavors), Organic Guarana Extract, Organic Green Chunmee Tea Extract, Organic Turmeric Extract, Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder, Organic Black Pepper Extract, Non-GMO Tartaric Acid (made from grapes)

Rooibos, aka South African red bush tea, is easier to pronounce than it looks (roy-boss). Better yet, it has a smooth earthy taste that goes great with a touch of lemon. Just enough caffeine to keep you focused, no crash later.

INGREDIENTS:  Sparkling Water, Organic Rooibos Tea Extract, Organic Quinine Extract, Organic Guarana Extract, Organic Citric Acid, Organic Lemon Extract  

Hold up, we mean rose like the flower, not rosé like the wine - no alcohol here! Not that this can’t be your fav mixer :). Floral and slightly pithy, this combo is refreshingly crisp.

INGREDIENTS:  Sparkling Water, Organic Grapefruit Peel Extract (with other natural flavors), Organic Grapefruit Bitters, Organic Rose Essence, Organic Citric Acid



Elderflower extract of medicinal fame turns out to be an amazingly fragrant ingredient too. Here it provides a delicate floral touch to balance out the brightness of lemon zest.

INGREDIENTS:  Sparkling Water, Organic Lemon Extract, Organic Elderflower Extract, Organic Quinine Extract, Organic Citric Acid  









A new canvas for the arts

As a direct-to-consumer brand, we can be more experimental and expand the boundaries of how art can be presented to offer options you won't find in a typical grocery store aisle. 

Choose between our Retail or Artist Edition labels:











Designed for high-scale production and retail shelves. Artwork is printed directly on cans, 3000 per minute! Coming soon to a store near you.

Minimum text, maximum art. Labels are printed separately for a finish worthy of an art magazine. Perfect for limited runs. Available only directly from us.

Artist Edition


Alex Bradley Cohen

Elizabeth Allen-Cannon

Basil Kincaid

Kennedy Yanko

Your case. Your way.

Delivered for free.


Pick your flavors

Pick your labels

Fill up your case

Select 4-packs of your favorite flavor profiles

Choose between our Retail or Artist Edition labels

Mix & match any combo of 6 to fill a case

Take your Seasons on-the-go

Stay hydrated, kids! We've partnered with the best water bottle company on the planet to keep your Seasons ice-cold anywhere you go.

Stainless steel built to last

20 oz bottle crafted from 18/8 stainless steel and sustainably harvested bamboo - no plastic.  Double-wall vacuum insulation keeps your drink iced for up to 40 hours!

Dress it up with art

Get your bottle in any color you like, as long as it's matte black or gloss white. Keep it understated or customize with our art labels - first Seasons set comes with 10!

Seasons Sparkling teams up with artists on various projects revolving around creative expression, food, art & culture, and engage audiences via new, dynamic platforms. Stakeholders in Seasons Sparkling include artists who help shape the direction of our brand.

Seasons is committed to the long-term support of artists and arts organizations. We dedicate 1% of our sales to the arts - to fund and promote artist & arts programming, and to donate to non-profit organizations.

We combine the arts with our drinks to inspire daily life.

Alex Bradley Cohen is a painter living in Chicago. He creates portraits that teeter on the verge of dutiful representation and exuberant abstraction. 

Elizabeth Allen-Cannon is an artist working primarily in painting and collage. Her work explores the amorphous and unstable qualities of feminine stereotypes, as well as constructions of feminine authorship and selfhood. 

Basil Kincaid is a post-disciplinary visual artist based in St. Louis, Missouri. He explores the seeming immateriality and physical/personal disconnection within online spaces while observing how waste is reflective of lived experience.

Kennedy Yanko is a painter-sculptor based in Bushwick, Brooklyn. She works fluently in wood, metal, marble and paint, repurposing natural materials in unexpected, lyrical combinations.

We’ve come a long way since we started in 2012 - from kegs at the farmers market, to bottles sold in Chicago stores/restaurants, to cans featuring contemporary art that are delivered for free directly to your door. 










Seasons Sparkling was founded in 2012 as a vendor at Chicago's Green City Market, the creative hub for the city's food scene. At first, Seasons resembled an artful project – we made delicious, refreshing drinks batch by batch and participated in the spirited food community. The earliest supporters – farmers, artists, chefs, designers, bartenders – came to contribute ideas, and stayed along for the ride. 

Over time, collaborations became a core pillar of Seasons’ identity. The focus crystallized around making sparkling waters with organic botanicals and presenting them through collaborative endeavors with artists, while breaking free from the conventional business model of the beverage industry. We create everything in-house, work with artists on all packaging & programming, and treat our customers as we treat our friends.




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