Designed by our friend, Chicago-based artist Cody Hudson, aka Struggle Inc, the logo is an abstract, graphic reference to nature’s seasonality.  Cody’s work encompasses a range of disciplines including painting, sculpture, graphic design, illustration, murals, apparel, and hospitality.

Email us at: info@seasonssparkling.com  We work directly with retail, hospitality, catering, and work spaces – let’s get Seasons at your spot. 


Botanicals are plant-based extracts, and are derived from flowers, seeds, roots, berries, nuts and herbs.  The result is a pure plant extract that contains the same naturally beneficial properties of the whole plant itself, but in a more concentrated form.  All of the botanicals we use are certified USDA organic and vegan.

Our sparkling waters are versatile on its own or as a mixer with your favorite spirit or cold-pressed juice.  Get creative and tag your favorite way to drink Seasons on IG or pinterest @seasonssparkling!

The caffeine in the Matcha Ginger Turmeric and Rooibos Lemon flavors comes from guarana, a plant originally found in the Amazon. We use 25mg of caffeine which is equivalent to about 1 cup of green tea.

Nope! Our sparkling waters are balanced without any added sugar.

We recommend a chilled or cold Seasons for the tastiest experience.  You can store our sparkling waters at ambient temperatures (below 80ºF), but serve chilled once refrigerated.

We’re certified USDA organic which means we no GMOs in any of our drinks.

All of our cans are BPA free.

The shelf life of our sparkling waters is two years giving you plenty of time to drink and enjoy!


Yes! Delivery in the continental USA is FREE.

Unfortunately we can’t accept returns or exchanges.  If your order was damaged in-transit, or if you received the wrong order, please reach out to us by emailing info@seasonssparkling.com