A space for drinks & art to co-exist

Seasons is about bringing thoughtfully prepared food and contemporary art into everyday life.

Our Story

We got our start when Bobby Chang founded Seasons in 2012 as the first beverage vendor at Chicago’s Green City Market, “the best sustainable market in the country” – Alice Waters.  The midwest’s distinct seasons served as our namesake and the region’s farmers served as inspiration to create innovative, plant-based drinks from what they grow.  

Word spread and soon Seasons had a dedicated following of Chicago chefs and bartenders.  As we grew, collaboration with artists became part of our DNA.  We began to build Seasons around our drinks and as a platform for artists to show their work.  We believe the two go hand-in-hand.  A commitment to creative expression underpins our work.

Seasons Sparkling is committed to the long-term support of artists and arts organizations. We dedicate 1% of our net sales to the arts — to fund and promote artist & arts programming, and to donate to non-profit organizations. Teaming up with artists on various projects revolving around food, art, & culture, we engage audiences via new, dynamic platforms. Stakeholders in Seasons Sparkling include artists who help shape the direction of our brand.